17-Year-Old Annika Rose Delivers New EP and Video

The simple yet captivating video for “I’m Better” was directed by Zhamak Fullad.

Born into a musical family, Annika Rose first started honing her songcraft as a little kid growing up in Southern California. At just 17-years-old, Annika embodies a clarity of vision that’s rare even among the most established artists. Her first single, “In The End,” has been featured on Apple Music’s “A List Pop,” “Breaking Pop” and “Pop Chill” playlists, as well as Spotify’s “Fresh Pop” and “On Point” playlists. Strong-willed, self-driven and bubbling with charisma yet disarmingly sensitive, the rising singer/songwriter has devoted most of her adolescence to music, spending countless nights alone at the piano and carefully unearthing her most authentic voice. She possesses a lyrical identity that boldly deviates from the usual pop milieu, revealing a seldom-spoken truth about the emotional chaos in coming of age.

Check out the video for Rose’s “I’m Better” here.

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