28 More Reasons Why California Is Heaven on Earth

How many of these “hidden” natural wonders have you visited?

Thrillist posted a list of 28 somewhat obscure places across the state that will certainly give you Instagram envy. Not all are completely off the map … points in Joshua Tree and Big Sur, for instance … but others might require traveling the road less taken to enjoy their splendor and immortalize the moment in your iPhone camera.

Here are some highlights:

The Cypress “Tree Tunnel”

Point Reyes 

“Located in between the Pacific Ocean and Tomales Bay (and inside of the Point Reyes National Seashore) you’ll find this Monterey cypress “tree tunnel” that leads to an old Point Reyes wireless telegraphy receiving station built in the 1920s. Doesn’t matter if you catch it with a patch of early morning fog enveloping either end, or with the afternoon light breaking through its interlocked branches, either way, you’ll feel like you’ve won the damn day.”

Zabriskie Point

Death Valley

Ninety-nine percent of Death Valley is super death-y. But 1%—this 1%—comes alive. Named after a VP of an old borax company who used 20-mule teams to transport borax (Wikipedia-five!), it’s maybe the most beautiful-looking rock place in the entire state. Also it was featured prominently on U2’s The Joshua Tree album cover. So there’s that.

The Seven Teacups


“One of the coolest natural wonders of the Sierras, the Seven Teacups has been described as one of the world’s (WORLD’S!) most spectacular canyoneering challenges. And that’s the rub on this one—you need, like, ropes and stuff to climb it. But if you do (or find a friend who knows what the hell they’re doing and can carry you up or something) you’ll be rewarded on the way back down, which people have been known to take inflatable killer whales and alligators down (just, duh, make sure the water depth is OK before you kill yourself). This is a must-read if you’re gonna actually try this thing. And you should. Because holy shit look at this thing guys. LOOK AT IT.”

Get the full Thrillist list here.

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