30- to 40-Foot Waves Entice Big Wave Surfers to Mavericks Beach This Week

The Half Moon Bay hot spot is getting its biggest breaks in years.

After a disappointing season last year, the annual Mavericks Challenge scheduled for next month looks more promising thanks to a swell of killer waves on the famed break at Half Moon Bay. Known for its big wave surfing during winter months, Mavericks was off to a good start with 30- to 40-foot waves recorded on Monday.

According to Mercury News, “Monique Kitamura, an El Grenada big-wave surfer, brought her 16-month-old daughter to Mavericks beach to soak up the atmosphere that is electric every time a giant-sized swell arrives.

“It got big Monday. Five-story building big on a beautiful early winter day that drew many of the world’s best big-wave surfers to the infamous break a mile outside of Princeton boat harbor.

“Kitamura, who is featured in the surfing documentary, ‘It Ain’t Pretty,’ said it had been a decade since the buoys read 35 feet. A wave that big produces drops double that size, making for treacherous conditions for even the best.

“‘It’s a heroic, victory-at-sea day,’ said Jim Nevill, a Bodega Bay photographer who drives down every time the big waves are predicted.”

You can read more about Maverick’s here.

And check out this YouTube footage from earlier this week.

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