A Hermosa Beach Surf and Skate Shop Sets Up a Drive Thru to Service Customers

Wheels turning.

Dennis Jarvis, owner of Spyder Surf in Hermosa Beach, got a great idea from son Luke. If local skaters can’t come inside to shop, why not set up a drive thru outside the Pacific Coast Highway store? With surfing off limits, Luke says skateboards offer an accessible alternative. From deck to wheels, it takes about 15 minutes to build a board. The staff practices proper distancing and safety, down to the facemasks.

“We’re a family-owned company,” Dennis tells the Los Angeles Times. “This is our family here working just trying to eek through this mess that we’re in right now. And hopefully you grab a skater and go riding.”

You can watch Dennis, Luke and team work their skateboard drive thru here.

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