A Los Angeles Sandwich Shop Tops Bon Appetite’s Hot Ten of 2019

The killer croissants alone are worth the visit.

A tiny sandwich shop in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles dominated “The Hot Ten: America’s Best New Restaurants” according to Bon Appetite. With a takeout window and only 10 seats inside, the small but satisfying spot offers Japanese-style sandwiches, vegetable sides and some seriously tasty pastries.

Describing Konbi chef Nick Montgomery, writer Julia Kramer says, “I’ve thought about that first visit, when I watched in awe, but also a certain amount of disbelief, as a bulked-out guy in a short-sleeve white button-down meditatively attended to the same two square-shaped pans of eggs for my entire visit. He folded the beaten eggs methodically with chopsticks until they formed tidy little omelet pillows, which he set between slices of cloud-soft milk bread spread with spicy mustard and mayo that he then carefully trimmed two crusts off of, like some loving parent making a PB&J for a five-year-old.”

You can read more about Konbi and the other 9 restaurants to make the list here.

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