A New Coastal Campsite Above Monterey Bay Is Only a Couple Years From Opening

And expect those reservations to
sell out real fast.

For the first time in 30 years, a coastal campground is scheduled to debut on top of Monterey Bay’s bluffs in 2022. The location is Fort Ord Dunes, near Marina and roughly south of Moss Landing and north of Monterey.

According to SF Chronicle, “Fort Ord Dunes, the former military unit, opened 10 years ago with little supporting infrastructure and is one of a handful of state parks providing free parking and access. It gets overlooked because there is no direct turnoff to parking off Highway 1, as is available at most state parks along the Pacific Coast Highway.

“’This landscape provides some of the best views of coastal dunes anywhere in the state,’ said Brent Marshall, district superintendent for State Parks. ‘Many Californians lack access to parks, open spaces and natural and cultural amenities. Creating a new campground will help make these dynamic sand dunes accessible to all.’”

Get a preview of the campsite here.

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