A New Map Breaks Down Potential Fault Zones in Your Neighborhood

A whole lot of shakin’ going on?

Earthquakes, and their unpredictable nature, should keep all Californians on their toes. While scientists hope to have an early warning app in the market by end of the year, an earthquake could come at any time, and almost any place across the Golden State. But, there’s still plenty you can do to prepare for the next trembler. For starters, you can stock up on supplies, like food and water, and buy one of those handy disaster kits with first aid, flashlights and other survival items.

Now you can also survey your neighborhood to see if it lies on either a fault zone or a precarious liquefaction zone. The new map released by the California Geological Survey allows you to type in your zip code to reveal all the potential trouble spots in your area. According to LA Curbed, “The map navigates down to the parcel level, allowing users to go through a neighborhood property by property to see potential dangers in areas where they work and live.”

“The map shows where hazards exist, but that doesn’t mean those risks will materialize in an earthquake. ‘Not all such areas will actually see the ground break apart in the next big quake,’ California Geological Survey geologist Tim McCrink tells the LA Times. ‘That depends on where the earthquake is, and which faults move.’”

You can read more about what the map reveals and click on the map link here.