A Peek at the Newly Redesigned French Laundry

The venerable Yountville eatery with a waitlist gets a design upgrade.

French Laundry, the three-star Michelin restaurant by Thomas Keller, just received a three-year, $10-million expansion, the first in 20 years. And, judging from the images, it looks to be a winner.

According to Tasting Table, “design firm Snøhetta spent time observing The French Laundry’s kitchen, examining the staff’s intricate choreography before coming up with the final layout. ‘The new kitchen does not feel institutional, nor is it domestic. It is a mix of both kinds of spaces, creating a new kind of room for the evolving contemplation and the artistic innovation of a meal,’ partner Craig Dykers says of the new space.

“The 2,000-square-foot kitchen (which is 25 percent bigger than before) is now framed by windows overlooking the new gardens, while a vaulted ceiling mimics the appearance of an unfolding tablecloth, while also serving as a sound dampener.”

You can get a look art the new French Laundry here.

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