Actress Bella Thorne Enters the Cannabis Field With Forbidden Flowers

The influencer-turned-entrepreneur is the latest to make the jump.

Though she’s only 22 years old, there isn’t much Bella Thorne hasn’t done. The former Disney star has a steady acting career, written a series of young adult books as well as a best-selling memoir (The Life of a Wannabe Mogul), has amassed over 22 million Instagram followers, and is now jumping headfirst into the cannabis game.

The entrepreneur has joined forces with Glass House Group—who oversee singer Jenny Lewis’ “Rabbit Hole” cannabis brand—to create Forbidden Flowers, a brand that currently carries a selection of flowers and pre-rolls. Thorne hopes to add more CBD products, as well as a hemp line, in the near future. The starlet has said spoken publicly about suffering from “depression, anxiety, stomach problems and weird eating habits,” all ailments that improved with the help of CBD oil and cannabis. If her success in the literary field is any indication of what’s to come with Forbidden Flowers, look for Thorne’s brand to be wildly successful in 2020.

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