After June 30th, Some of Your MJ Stash May Be Illegal

You can keep it, but retailers cannot.

If you noticed your local weed dispensary was having an insane flash sale, you’re not alone. Marijuana retailers across California are selling off many products ahead of a July 1st deadline. The reason? Any items that have not been independently lab-tested and do not meet California’s new cannabis regulations will need to be destroyed per state law.

According to Herb, “After California officially began its legal sale of recreational cannabis on January 1st, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control allowed for a six-month transitional period before the new regulations kicked in. The regulations are aimed at increasing public safety by enforcing child-resistant packaging and ensuring that all products are tested for potentially dangerous contaminants.”

“The new regulations will also include a THC limit for edible products (including tinctures) and topicals. The limit has been set at 10 milligrams of THC per serving and 100 milligrams per package.”

Read more about the purge here.

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