Alt-Americana Singer Manda Mosher Releases a Beautifully Poignant Songwriter’s Gem

Check out the video for “Nobody Gives a Damn About Songs Anymore.”

An LA native, Manda Mosher knows all too well what it’s like peddling quality tunes around a city fueled by disposable entertainment. Her latest single, “Nobody Gives a Damn About Songs Anymore”—a cover of a John Moreland song from his album In the Throes—is a tongue-in-cheek homage to that struggle.

Says Mosher, “You can pour your heart out into a song to have it be either quickly consumed or ignored in the fast pace of our age… but this song pretty much proves itself wrong because it’s so damn good.”

The track is off her third solo album, coming later this year on Mosher’s own Blackbird Record Label. The video was directed by Bob Wayne and shot at multiple locations in the San Fernando Valley. Keep an eye on Mosher’s Facebook for updates on the full-length, and watch the video for “Nobody Gives a Damn About Songs Anymore” here.

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