Apple’s New Headquarters Looks Like Something Out of a Stanley Kubrick Film

And we already love every inch of it.

Apple, the California-based technology company that brings both massive jobs and tax dollars to our state, relocated to a new headquarters not far from it’s current home. A successful company moving to a new space with more real estate and better amenities not may seem like big news. But not all companies are Apple.

Much like the cutting-edge technology it introduced to the masses over the last few decades, the new home of Apple is impressive, innovative and beautiful to behold.

In a recent story for Wired, Steve Jobs went before the Cupertino City Council to pitch his vision for a new campus, one he knew he might never see.

“His company, he said, had ‘grown like a weed.’ His workforce had increased significantly over a decade, coming to fill more than 100 buildings as workers created one blockbuster product after another. To consolidate his employees, he wanted to create a new campus, a verdant landscape where the border between nature and building would be blurred. Unlike other corporate campuses, which he found ‘pretty boring,’ this would feature as its centerpiece a master structure, shaped like a circle, that would hold 12,000 employees. ‘It’s a pretty amazing building,” he told them. “It’s a little like a spaceship landed.’”

Some of the highlights of the “mothership” project include a 755-foot underground white tiled tunnel, an “idealized California” native garden with 9,000 trees, a 100,000 square-foot Fitness and Wellness Center and a promise of completely sustainably energy via solar.

You can read more about Apple’s long planning process and see the breathtaking design here.

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