Art and Optimism in the Ashes

This Disney artist creates beauty among the ruins of the Paradise Camp Fire.

In the destruction of the Camp Fire that devastated nearly all of Paradise, California, a mural artist began painting among the ruins in a gesture of hope. Shane Grammer, who grew up in nearby Chico, started the project on December 31st last year and has continued to paint in recent months, using chimneys, abandoned cars, scorched walls and remaining structures as his canvas. Grammer, a Disney artist who now lives in Los Angeles, asks the property owners for their permission before beginning each work.

According to My Modern Met, “One of the most striking murals features a young girl named Eleanor who is the daughter of Greg Weddig, Grammer’s friend. The monochromatic image features the girl as she looks up toward and the entry of their former home. ‘[Eleanor] would spend hours outside playing at that corner where that tree was,’ Weddig recalled. His daughter hasn’t returned to Paradise since the fire but the mural might encourage her to visit.

“Needless to say, this act of service is fulfilling for Grammer. ‘I’m happy to be a small part of bringing hope and joy to this community and to these people who have gone through so much.’”

You can read more about Grammer and his Camp Fire murals here.

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