Avid Dancer Self-Releases Another “Landslide”

The song is a co-write with POP ETC’s Chris Chu.

Jacob Dillan Summers released his first material back in 2015. The album, 1st Bath, was full of hazy indie goodness and brought to mind early 2000’s era Kings of Convenience vibes. Since then, the former U.S. Marine has been navigating the touch and go LA indie scene with a series of self-released singles from his second album, Sharaya. “Landslide” is decidedly more pop than previous Avid Dancer tracks.

“The song’s content came from a conversation Chris (Chu) and I were having about growing up, having kids and trying everything you can to raise yourself to a certain level, but a lot of times falling short, and sometimes hopelessly failing altogether,” Dillan told Buzzbands.

To read more of the interview with Dillan and listen to “Landslide,” click here.

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