Behind a Juniper Curtain Lies the Magical, Less-Traveled Northeastern Corner of California

A stunning mix of desert, mountains and lava beds.

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There’s no place in California quite like it. Yet, the northeastern most corner of the Golden State remains mostly unknown to most Californians. But this geographical wonder should be a must-visit for any nature enthusiast.

According to Travel & Leisure, “The region’s borders are defined as much by culture as by geologic characteristics. The far northeast actually has more in common with southern Oregon and eastern Nevada than the rest of northern California, with its agricultural valleys and coastal redwoods.”

Highlights include: Native American fry bread in Modoc; lava beds and volcanic terrain, including popular hiking destination and potentially active Mt. Shasta; and Burney Falls, “a shocking 129-foot waterfall tucked off of Highway 89, a mere 60 miles northeast of Redding.”

For more regional highlights, check out the full story here.

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