Are These the Best Dive Bars in LA?

It’s the holidays, and we need a drink.

LA Eater says it best, “the holidays can be stressful.” Maybe that’s why they gifted us with a list of the best dive bars in Los Angeles. Places for you to get lost and spend your last $10 after weeks of soul-sucking shopping. You deserve a drink. Here are a few standouts from the list:

Frolic Room

“Hollywood’s essential dive bar only gets better as the place gets more crowded. While the drinks are strong and cheap, the scene is what’s the main draw, with everyone from scenesters to old-timers mixing and enjoying the general revelry. Bounce over to nearby Burgundy Room for another classic Hollywood dive experience.”

Tattle Tale Room

A true dive bar classic in Los Angeles, this Culver City icon is the kind of place that’s just a little bit scarier than other bars. That means, don’t be too flashy or you might find yourself getting into a fight. Just stay cool, sip on your beer, and try to fit in



HMS Bounty

This Koreatown classic seems to be lifted straight out of the late ’60s, with a convivial after work and early evening crowd. The food probably won’t wow you, but the drinks are dirt cheap and old maritime vibe will feel like the right place to take down a few beers.


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This Tiki classic is still going strong after all these decades, with Hurricanes, Scorpions, and Blood & Sands flowing through the night. The vibe is extremely communal, with 20-some seats packed into a tiny space.



The Woods

Hollywood (real Hollywood) hangs at The Woods, a strip mall option on La Brea Avenue that’s as dim and, well, woodsy as you want it to be. Yes, for those asking, there are chandeliers made out of antlers over the bar.

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