Betaspace Is Burning Man Meets C.E.S. for Entrepreneurially Minded Interstellar Enthusiasts

Space is the place … again.

Virgin Galactic and SpaceX may be grabbing all the headlines in this era of democratized space exploration, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find that a whole mysterious and extremely deep-pocketed community of scientists, venture capitalists and tech mavens are looking to stake their claim on the final frontier. But we’re not just talking about rockets and moon landings. At the one-day, invite-only Betaspace event, conversations revolve around words like “terraforming” and “colonization,” and entrepreneurs like Bryan Johnson (Braintree, Kernel) and Brian Armstrong (Coinbase) rub elbows with members of DARPA, an agency of the DOD responsible for emerging tech used by the military. Simply put, if Elon Musk and Richard Branson are the big brains looking to get us to Mars and the moon, the braintrust at Betaspace are working on how we can live once we’re there.

Check out photos from Betaspace and read more about the event and its attendees here.

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