These CA State Park Structures Give Us Serious Cabin fever

A challenge between local architecture students yields attractive results.

In 2017, camping comes in many forms … sleeping bags, tents, cabins, glamping … there’s pretty much something for everyone seeking a connection with the great outdoors. One of our proudest natural assets, the CA State Parks welcomes countless visitors each year to experience the beautiful natural diversity of our state.

This inspired the Parks Forward Commission to invite architecture students from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, to design new, pre-fabricated cabins to be placed at campgrounds throughout the state.

According to Dwell, “the design challenge, led by Juintow Lin, associate professor of architecture at Cal Poly, asked students to balance issues of culture, sustainability, mobility, and construction. They answered with structures that could be easily prefabricated and relocated, with simple construction techniques and materials. They are low-maintenance, fire-resistant, and ADA-compliant. ‘It’s a modern take on the traditional cabin,’ says Lin of The Wedge, the debut design, a slope-roofed wood building. ‘It was built on a chassis in a factory in four days and shipped on a truck to the fair,’ Lin says. ‘The possibility for variations in materials are endless.’”

The Wedge will eventually make its way into state parks, each able to accommodate 10-15 people.

To read more on the project, click here.

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