Cali Cultivators Legion of Bloom Adopt a Conscientious Cannabis Approach

The 10-time award-winning company brings a new level of respect to a crowded market of trend-jumpers.

For NorCal-based Legion of Bloom, eco-conscious and sustainable cultivation methods are the name of the game, and respecting “the purity of the plant” is how the five farmers-turned-entrepreneurs have turned their business into a 10-time award-winning enterprise.

With over 50 years of experience among them, the team has created a range of high-quality products, from flower and resin pods to roll-on CBD balms. Each product is lab-tested—the results of which can be found on the website’s testing page—and comes in beautifully designed packaging with names like Miracle Alien Cookies, Island Sweet Skunk, and even the sativa-centric Nina Limone.

“I believe that the values of the farmers are of the utmost importance,” Lead Cultivator Alecia Weisman told Jane Dope. “We make decisions every day, and our decisions are based on a strong set of values. Consumers have the power to choose, and I personally use my purchasing power to support like-minded companies that promote doing good in the world.”

Retailers from Eureka to Irvine carry their products, so you’ll be well covered in Cali no matter where you live. Read more on the brand here. You can also check out the full Q&A with Weisman here.

Image courtesy of Legion of Bloom.

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