California Aims to Incorporate Emission-Free Airport Shuttles by 2035

The state’s “first in the nation” mandate is meant to reduce the state’s emissions at its many airports.

The Golden State took another great stride into the world of sustainability when its Air Resources Board unanimously passed a policy that would require 13 airports across the state to switch to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) for its shuttles and busses by 2035. Currently, ZEVs represent about 15% of the state’s airport shuttle fleet, but to meet California’s aggressive climate goals, that number must be much, much higher. Once fully implemented, the mandate will remove approximately 35,000 metric tons of greenhouse gasses annually from the areas around airports, which in many cases are home to lower-income communities.

While some local lawmakers and analysts are worried about the burden of increased energy costs for their airports, all agree that something must be done to accelerate sustainability in major cities despite the upfront costs associated with this change.

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