California Beer, Meet California Cannabis

A guide to the perfect pairing.

Craft matters in California … wine, beer, small batch spirits, and yes, marijuana … great pride and skill goes into creating the perfect product for discerning clientele. It only seems natural that some of those worlds would merge in the pursuit of good taste. Take cannabis and craft beer for example.

As described in a post by October, “There are two main factors to consider when marrying a Cali beer to a Cali strain of marijuana: 1) Alcohol content versus THC content, since alcohol amplifies the effects of THC (the psychoactive component of marijuana), and 2) terpenes, or the ‘fragrant oils that give cannabis its aromatic diversity,’ according to Leafly. Basically, you want to strike a balance that neither messes you up nor leaves you wanting, while coupling flavors that complement each other.”

Here are a few recommended pairings from the aficionados at October:

Beer: Lost Coast Brewery’s Tangerine Wheat

Bud: Humboldt Farms Tangie

Tangerine on tangerine, what could be better? A delicious, refreshing citrus flavor isn’t the only thing this beer and flower have in common; they’re also both from Humboldt County, a wild area in Northern California known for its brews and bud, but mostly bud. As an uplifting sativa, the Tangie will enhance the kind of situation that one might bring a Lost Coast Tangerine to, such as the beach or the tail-end of a summertime hike. This pairing will leave you with the taste of Cuties on your tongue and a smile on your face.



Beer: Lagunitas Brewing Company’s IPA

Bud: Stone Road Sour Raspberry

As one of the most popular craft beers to come out of California, the Lagunitas IPA has undoubtedly and unknowingly already been paired with every strain out there, but that doesn’t mean its perfect match isn’t out there. IPA’s tend to be hoppy and pine-y, which is best balanced with sweeter, fruity flavors. Behind Sour Raspberry’s sweetness is a light level of pine, which ties the two together without overdoing it—this type of aromatic can easily overwhelm when fully doubled up. Plus, Stone Road’s plants are grown in a foothill town called Grass Valley, so you know it has to be good.

Beer: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.’s Otra Vez

Bud: Lola Lola Lemon Banana Sherbert

We can’t finish this list without a nod to California’s OG home-brewer, Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada. Although the company has wildly outgrown its homebrew roots, Sierra Nevada has earned their spot on this list with its pedigree as one of California’s first microbreweries and continuous beer innovation. Otra Vez blends flavors of lime and agave into one refreshing nose, making it the perfect companion to Lemon Banana Sherbert, a Mendocino County hybrid strain with tasty terpenes. Together you have Rainbow Sherbet, a combo that is bound to mellow you out and cool you down.

Get some more perfect pairings here.

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