California Hotels Are Adding Cannabis to Their Vending Machines

Cactus Cooler? Nah, I’ll take a vape.

Looking for a way to capitalize on the legalization of cannabis products, California hotels are introducing marijuana options for their guests. From designated smoking areas, to mini-bars, to vending machines, hotels seek inventive ways to bring weed to their customers and make a profit.

“Like the rest of California, the hospitality industry in the state has moved slowly and tentatively to embrace the use of cannabis on a widespread basis. Desert Hot Springs Inn is one of only a handful of hotels in the Golden State to openly welcome smoking, vaping and otherwise enjoying pot on their properties.

“Cannabis advocates and some hotel industry experts say that it is only a matter of time before vaping rooms and pot-smoking patios become as much a part of hotels as fully stocked mini fridges and cocktail bars.

“We are seeing more of it with independent hotels embracing it,” said Lynn Mohrfeld, chief executive of the California Hotel and Lodging Assn. “It’s not going away.”

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