Is California the Ultimate Archetype of Iconic Design?

Cars, computers, iPhones … and we’re just getting started.

What is it about California design that captivates audiences beyond our borders? From architecture, to technology, to transportation, the Golden State has led the way with innovation, inspiration and international appeal. So much so that other countries are molding themselves in our image … looking for new ways to capitalize on the appeal of the California brand.

In a story for the New York Times, “Simon Sadler, a professor of design at U.C. Davis who is principally interested in architecture, talked about the Golden Gate Bridge, the Pacific Coast Highway, the open style of modern homes, as well as an intangible sense of “magic and possibility.”

“We don’t do monuments, we do nodes,” he said. “And this is how we end up with the most famous California design of modern times, which is the iPhone. You know, it’s barely there. It’s always just an interface.”

What California creations, both past and present, do you think inhabit these special qualities? Share your picks here.

You can read the NYT article here.

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