Can’t Make It to the Superbloom? Now You Can See It from Space

Everything’s coming up poppies.

California’s state flower, the Golden Poppy is having a moment. Thanks to the extra wet winter, the vibrant orange wildflower has exploded across the state. The abundant color is especially rich in some areas that “Disneyland-sized” crowds have descended on the small rural communities causing temporary closure to Instagram selfie takers.

If a visit to one of these social media hot spots is not in the cards, you can see what the floral frenzy looks like from space. According to SF Gate, “the bursts of orange color — and miles’ worth of cars — are so dense that the WorldView-2 satellite owned by DigitalGlobe easily spotted the scene from about 480 miles above the planet.”

“DigitalGlobe collected a new set of images on March 19 of the ‘Superbloom’ near Lake Elsinore,” a company representative told Business Insider in an email. “The colorful satellite imagery shows the hillsides along Walker Canyon filled with blooming poppies as well as hundreds of cars parked nearby and people hiking along trails in the area.”

Check them out here.

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