Caroline Smith Reemerges as a “Wild Woman”

The LA transplant unleashes the fierce female inside of her with this synth-pop gem.

For years Caroline Smith was living and recording in Minneapolis, Minnesota under her birth name but living a creative life that wasn’t satisfying her at her core. In 2016, she decided to pack up and move out west to LA, and in the process reawakened herself with a new moniker (Her Smith) and this feel-good new single.

Says Smith of the track, “This is an anthem for the wild woman that lives inside us all, begging to be let out.” The energy of the instrumental fits the lyrical sentiment like a glove, as crystal clear guitar licks keep time beneath the honeyed harmonies of the pre-chorus. If you want to dig a little deeper into her catalog, check out the excellent Bad Habit four-track EP she released in 2018 or any of the remixes her label, Neon Gold, has commissioned over the past two years.

Enjoy the lyric video for “Wild Woman” here, and follow Her Smith on Spotify for new music.

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