Farm + Table

How to Make an Off-White Russian

The Dude himself would be impressed with our Mixed Messages variation.

Farm + Table, Makers + Entrepreneurs

A Downtown Napa Tasting Room Embraces an Unexpected and Storied Local Spirit

California’s distilling heritage takes center stage at a new brandy house.

Farm + Table

How to Make a Strawberry Daiquiri

Beat the heat with a fresh pitcher of blended goodness, courtesy of Mixed Messages.

Farm + Table

Friday Finds: BBQ Season Kickoff

Fire up the grill…let’s kick off the first holiday weekend of summer with these California standouts.

Farm + Table

How to Make a Tequila Sunrise

On this episode of Mixed Messages, we recommend you ditch the grenadine for a red wine floater.
Trust us.

Farm + Table

Meet the Napa Winemakers Who Are Revolutionizing Luxury Tequila

For the love of agave, a California approach to tequila.

Farm + Table

How to Make a Paloma

Celebrate your Cinco with a twist on this timeless tequila drink from our Mixed Messages team.

Farm + Table

Friday Finds:
Earth-Friendly CA Wines

We have major crush on these organic and/or biodynamic California wines.

Farm + Table

A Smaller Footprint for a Larger Impact

From the food they eat to where they live, Trevor and Maddie Gordon are choosing to do more with less.

Farm + Table

How to Make a Vermina Vermouth Cobbler

Our latest episode of Mixed Messages makes Santa Barbara’s Vermina Vermouth the star of this show.

Farm + Table

Introducing Our Mixed Messages Cocktail Series

Fancy drinks for regular people, inspired by the Golden State.

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