Clearway Energy Group Gets Massive Solar Project Under Way in the Mojave Desert

The expansive project is expected to be completed by 2023.

Despite protests from citizens and private groups citing everything from the disturbance of local wildlife to an increase in dust and poor air quality as a result of the impending development, Clearway Energy Group is about to begin construction on a massive solar project in the Mojave Desert, just outside Barstow.

The new solar facility would replace the retired Coolwater natural gas-fired plant with clean, renewable energy, and has enhanced safety features and a dust-control plan that would improve the land’s conditions, said James Kelly, senior director of development for Clearway.

The move comes during a time when renewables, specifically solar energy, have become a hot topic in the state of California. The project, which aims to be completed by 2023, hopes to bring in millions in tax revenue to the county, and employ no more than 12 people.

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