Dennis Hopper Lives on With His Own Cannabis Strain Called Hopper Reserve

It’s packaged how the actor would have smoked it.

When actor Dennis Hopper was going through the last stages of cancer, he often used medical marijuana to ease his symptoms. Before he passed away, he also told his daughter he wanted his own strain created once cannabis became legal. Looks like the Easy Rider star finally got his wish granted.

According to Variety, “Hopper Reserve is a gram of California indoor-grown flower, two packs of rolling papers, a pair of matches and a trading card either featuring Hopper and Andy Warhol or one of him in his trademarked Stetson and bolo tie. The package is in an unassuming tin foil pouch with the slogan: “Here’s to the rebel in all of us.”

The brand’s website touts Hopper as “a contradictory mix of Pabst Blue Ribbon and pop art, of rustic Americana and a new generation of restless revolutionaries, of madman machismo and the unmatched allure of a true auteur,” while Marin says of cannabis, “It was something he could unwind with and enjoy in a very peaceful, fun-loving way. It was very complementary to his life.”

You can read more about Hopper Reserve and where to find it here.

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