Did Walt Disney Predict the Future of Mass Transit in Los Angeles?

The man who invented Tomorrowland.

Before he died in 1966, Walt Disney had plans to build the perfect city, one without congestion and pollution, where “the pedestrian will be king.” Sadly, Disney never saw that dream realized, and he might be rolling over in his grave (or freezer depending on what you believe) if he saw the state of LA traffic and smog over the last few decades.

Yes, it’s getting better each year, and perhaps the secret to success was always out in the open behind a neighboring castle drawbridge. Monorails, tunnels, PeopleMovers, freeways … Disneyland might have been the first true transportation utopia in Southern California.

According to LA Magazine, “To a certain degree, it seems that LA is on the brink of implementing some extraordinarily Disneyland-esque approaches to solving [LA’s] mass-transit woes. It’s a journey that started way back with the freeways (seriously, Disneyland did it first), and extends into LA’s increasingly multimodalist future.”

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