Exploring the Alchemy of the Senses

French born, California Winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset puts his passion for the grape to the page.

With his new coffee table book, Jean-Charles Boisset, a vintner and designer who draws inspiration from the world of wine, takes readers on a personal journey. The book combines his life, passions and philosophies, while also entertaining and engaging the reader through a series of spectacular illustrations and interactive activities. With wine as its muse, the book invites the reader to explore the art of living by examining their senses and experimenting with new perspectives.

For this adventure, there is no better guide than Jean-Charles. Growing up in Burgundy, his life has been guided by his senses and fueled with endless curiosity, passion and energy. Today, Boisset Collection owns 25 wineries throughout France and California, three gourmet food shops and is also increasingly delving into the broader luxury world with JCB by Jean-Charles Boisset-branded spirits, glassware, jewelry, candles, soaps and room sprays. Boisset also partners with historic luxury purveyors such as Baccarat, Lalique, Christofle, Saint Louis and Bernardaud to offer crystal, silver, place settings and objets d’art.

In the introduction, editor Teresa Rodriguez writes, “Let’s consider these pages not as a book, but as a stage, and what comes next is a performance. Jean-Charles is the director, the conductor, the creator and lead actor.” Each chapter unfolds in a series of acts, told through the lens of Jean- Charles, who imparts his wisdom, stories and ideas, then provides interactive opportunities for the readers to engage in similar areas of exploration.

Included in the book are three-dimensional spreads, sensory panels, textural elements and detailed illustrations. The book comes with a gold pendulum that can be used with a custom-designed chart to help access the five areas of the human dynamic: passion, balance, health, energy and love.

With the release of the book, Jean-Charles will be touring major cities across the U.S., inviting members of the public and wine trade, journalists and corporate partners to explore his multi- faceted world and engage in immersive sensory experiences.

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