Female Cannabis Entrepreneurs Are Combining “Commerce with Caring”

These California women are putting their own stamp on the industry.

As legal marijuana finds its footing in the California economy, cannabis businesses are actively looking for ways to market their products to a broader demographic.

According to Los Angeles Magazine, “one way some brands are distinguishing themselves is by packaging cannabis as a chic wellness product instead of something illicit or countercultural. Behind many of these emerging companies are female entrepreneurs, who want you to see cannabis as a natural part of self-care, right alongside your stylish skin creams and cold-pressed juices.”

“It’s about living a high life, rather than getting high,” says Kate Miller, a co-founder and CEO of Miss Grass, a sleek online publication that covers modern women in weed. “Whether we realize it or not, cannabis culture weaves into so many aspects of our lives, from health to work, beauty to food, and so much more.”

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