Filipino Bedroom R&B Artist Michael Seyer Dials Up the “Nostalgia”

“Heaven Only Knows” mixes bossa nova vibes with Adult Swim cheekiness.

Michael Seyer’s press pic is a soft focus, Glamour Shots-style image of the singer holding his sizeable dog like a bag of groceries while flashing a grin that looks like the way you looked at your older sibling when you short-sheeted their bed but they haven’t yet figured it out. And the photo credit? Tom’s One Hour Photo Lab. So is Seyer’s loungy, bossa nova style tongue-in-cheek or is he really channeling some Astrud Gilberto vibes with “Heaven Only Knows”? The answer is both. Each offering on his six-track Nostalgia EP sounds like it could be on Adult Swim’s waiting lounge playlist, but the songs are so smooth, simple and well composed that before you know it, 18 minutes have gone by and you’re smashing the repeat button.

Listen to “Heaven Only Knows” here and check out other tracks on his Bandcamp page.