Friday Finds: California Candies

We’ve got a sweet tooth.

Halloween is here, and we’re stocking up on sweets for this year’s fleet of trick or treaters. If you’re in the mood mix it up, check out these candies made right here in the Golden State.

Jelly Belly Company

Probably one of the best-known jellybean makers in the world, this Fairfield business has been dreaming up the bite-sized treats since the 60s. With a rainbow collection of more than 100 flavors, there’s something to satisfy every tastebud, from nostalgic A&W Root Beer to the sometimes-polarizing Buttered Popcorn. Combine flavors in one mouthful for a gourmet experience.


Started by a couple in the South Bay of Los Angeles, Sugarfina has become one of the most popular boutique candy makers around. Packaged in chic, clear, square boxes, the tiny candies dazzle in both shape and flavor. Favorites include the adorable Rose All Day ® Bears and the pucker ready Sugar Lips.

Carousel Candies

Purveyor of everything from candied apples to English Toffee, this old-time candy shop on the historic Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey is best known for its signature saltwater taffy. All the favorite flavors are here—molasses, licorice and vanilla—and even some unusual ones, like coconut caramel and cherry cheesecake. A whole dessert in a tiny wrapper!

Miette Patisserie and Confiserie

This stylish candy shop from San Francisco looks straight out of Paris with its macarons and gorgeous pasties. But they also make candy, and lovely sweets they are. In addition to year-round offerings like handmade caramels, marshmallows and meringues, they sell seasonal items, such as candy corns and gummy pumpkins for Halloween.

Ocho Candy

This Oakland-based candy maker specialized in certified organic and gluten-free bars with fair trade chocolate and no GMO ingredients. Full-size or bite-size, you can munch on flavors like coconut, caramel & peanut or dark peanut butter. Oh man, I want a few of these in my trick or treat bag this year!

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