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Friday Finds: King of the Grill

Zwilling BBQ + Charcoal 5-Piece Grill Tool Set, $140

This sleek, rolled toolset includes only the essentials. Crafted with professional-grade stainless steel heads and extra-long handles, these tools are built to last. The set consists of a slotted spatula with a serrated edge for cutting, a fork with sharp tines for piercing meat, versatile tongs with a convenient lock for storage, a basting brush with a heat-resistant silicone head and a polyester roll for easy transport and storage. Whether flipping burgers, skewering brisket or basting veggies, these dishwasher-safe tools make grilling effortless and stylish.

John Boos & Co. Grill Master Basket Gift Pack, $180

Unleash the ultimate BBQ experience with this premium basket gift pack. It features a durable hardwood cutting board, perfect for significant cuts of meat, and a set of essential kitchen tools, including meat claws, a Pro Chef® santoku knife and a carving fork. The included Board Cream and Mystery Oil ensure your Boos Block stays in top condition. Hailing from Effingham, IL, since 1887, John Boos continues to deliver American-made excellence. This gift pack will make Dad a hit at the grill.

Smoke® Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer, $80

Smoke by ThermoWorks has two probe channels—one for the meat and one for your pit temps—a dedicated receiver to track temps remotely, a large backlit user-friendly display and a durable splashproof exterior. It’s the ultimate smoke show. Temperature data can be viewed from 300 feet away on a pre-paired receiver. Low and high-temperature alarms set your grill game up for success, such as an alarm with sound if your temperature exceeds or drops below the limits. It’s the ultimate tool for monitoring meat and grill temperature while lounging by the pool or setting up for your event.

Weber Deluxe Grill Pan, $31

Perfect for grilling delicate items like fish and vegetables, this stainless-steel grill pan offers even heating and durability. Its wide carrying handles make it easy to move on and off the grill, while the lower sides and large surface area ensure your food cooks evenly in a single layer to prevent steaming. It’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. A must-have for any griller looking to expand their offerings.

Recteq Grillers Knife Set, $290

Unleash your inner chef with this masterfully crafted knife set from Recteq. Each knife boasts an incredibly sharp, well-balanced blade with stunning design details to chop, dice and slice like a pro. The set includes a slicing knife for carving, a versatile chef’s knife with an 8 1/8-inch cutting edge and a paring knife for mincing and dicing with polished wood and black smoke acrylic handles. These knives are as beautiful as they are functional. MasterChef approved.

Lodge BOLD 12 Inch Seasoned Cast Iron Square Griddle with Loop Handles, $50

This versatile cast iron griddle is a grilling game-changer. Its 12-inch flat surface is perfect for cooking delicate items like fish, eggs, bacon and pancakes. Its excellent heat retention and smooth surface ensure consistent cooking, while the loop handles provide easy maneuverability. Naturally non-stick and easy to clean, this griddle is built to last a lifetime. Use it on your outdoor grill for restaurant-quality results every time.

Weber Universal Stainless-Steel Smoker, $34

This sturdy stainless steel smoker box infuses your grilled creations with mouthwatering smoky flavor. It is designed to fit under the grill grates, allowing smoke to drift through your food and adding layers of delicious complexity. The hinged lid with a large tab makes adding wood chips easy, while the ample capacity ensures robust smoke flavor for short and long cooking times. This smoker box is a ideal for BBQ enthusiasts and perfect for use with any gas or electric grill.

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