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Friday Finds: Ladies First

As we close out Women’s History Month, let’s take a moment to recognize all the incredible female business owners based here in California. This hasn’t been the easiest year to run an enterprise, yet many Golden State women kept the lights on, offering products we needed to center, soothe or sometimes just check out. Here we present a handful of California companies powered by inspiring, local women that got us through the pandemic.

First up is Sir Owlverick’s Coffee and Amy Tang based in Anaheim. This multigenerational love of coffee dates back to French colonization in Vietnam when Grandpa Tang learned the craft of roasting. His son, Papa Tang, brought the business to the U.S. in the 80s, and Amy continues the tradition with her own enterprise. She sources from farms that match her core values and care for their producers. “Women make up about 70% of farmers in the coffee industry, but are given little to no credit or ownership of land, and they are underpaid in wages,” shares Amy. “When we purchase from all-women cooperatives we are helping these women provide for their families, gain financial independence and empower them within their communities.” Sir Owlverick’s beans are roasted in small batches to create optimal flavors and aromas. Amy also does all the roasting so the supply chain for their products is 100% female-produced. We have a soft spot for the Golden Hour, a single origin bean from Peru with notes of chocolate, caramel and black tea. You can purchase all their current selections online or at markets throughout the L.A. area.

Brighter Tonic first bubbled when Elizabeth Varnell and Danny Olivas added an Oktober can seaming machine to their Santa Monica kitchen. Elizabeth, a magazine editor, became a fan of consuming apple cider vinegar in the 90s. Together with Danny, a natural foods veteran, they experimented with drinking shrubs and vinegar blends before introducing Brighter Tonic to the world. Their beloved trailer inspired the look of the 8 oz. aluminum cans, which house three flavors: Blood Orange, Lemon Lime and Lemon Ginger Turmeric. We could get used to this healthy habit.

Based out of Murrieta, organic beauty business Primally Pure is the lovely creation of Bethany McDaniel. When her family started their organic livestock farm, she understood the power of wholesome, natural food and applied that vision to “creative and clean” skin and body products. Less is more for Primally Pure, with only a handful of certified organic ingredients that come from family-owned farms whenever possible. Her line includes everything from serums and shampoos to lip balms and deodorants. We love the Everything Spray, a do-it-all that acts as a toner, refreshers and everything in between. You can shop their entire collection here.

=Oakland-based Marisa Mason grew up the daughter of an antique dealer in Santa Barbara. Her early appreciation for treasured pieces guided an interest in jewelry making. She turned a hobby into a business venture when she rented a studio in Temescal Alley and opened for doors to customers in 2008. Her handmade pieces, typically in gold, silver and brass, take inspiration from nature, with birds, snakes and celestial themes throughout. We love the bohemian vibe of her collection, each creation a one-of-a-kind piece of art to add to your own treasure chest.

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