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Friday Finds: Rainy Day Remedies

Mojave Candle by P.F. Candle Co., $24

Poured in California, this candle inspires afternoon explorations through high desert landscapes, a much-needed reset under dark starry skies and the magic of a weekend away. The warm scent fills the air with creosote, golden poppy, chaparral and white musk.

Cotton Cloud Robe by Parachute, $109

Lounge like you mean it. Soft, light and luxurious, this super comfy robe features fluffy 4-ply gauze, a snug waist tie and two hidden side pockets. Made from premium 100% long-staple Turkish cotton and designed to have a relaxed, comfortable fit.

Purple + Sleepy Jones Pajamas, $90

Featuring the ideal mix of stretch and breathability, plus an easy fit, these pajamas let you take the comfort of bed with you even after you get up. We partnered with sleepwear expert Sleepy Jones to give this limited collection their classic good looks.

Marrakech Intense Ensemble by Aesop, $161

A captivating trio with notes of woods and spice to send the senses on a journey. Includes a fragrance, body cleanser and body balm.

DOURO Teapot and Porcelain Mugs, $136.49

Enjoy perfectly brewed, deliciously pure tea every day. The handsome DOURO teapot brings Bodum’s unique French press system into your home, giving you complete control over the steeping process. Once your tea has reached its preferred strength, simply depress the plunger to stop the tea leaves from brewing.

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