Get Ready February … It’s Pliny Time

One of the most anticipated brews in California is back for two weeks only.

Back in 2005, Russian River brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo first brewed “Younger,” the first triple IPA ever. Now more than a decade later, people line up outside the Santa Rosa brewpub for its annual release on the first Friday in February. Two weeks only. Draft only. And countless fans who want their Pliny the Younger fresh out of the tap. Good news for this year: SF Chronicle confirms they have doubled their production this year and will offer the beer at the original location as well as the new state-of-art brewpub in Windsor. Will that reduce your 8-hour wait to get in the door? Here’s hoping.

So why is this beer so popular?

According to Sonoma Magazine, “Pliny the Younger is a very time consuming and extremely expensive beer to brew: it uses a tremendous amount of raw materials – malt and hops particularly – and takes up a huge amount of tank space at the brewery.”

Worth the wait? Read more here.

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