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Get the Backstory and Recipes of Some of L.a.’S Most Beloved Landmark Eateries

L.A.’s Landmark Restaurants: Celebrating the Legendary Locations Where Angelenos Have Dined for Generations follows in the footsteps of George Geary’s now classic and critically acclaimed book, L.A.’s Legendary Restaurants.

L.A.’s Landmark Restaurants is an illustrated history of over 50 famous Los Angeles restaurants from throughout the 20th century that were not featured in Geary’s first book. The focus in L.A.’s Landmark Restaurants is on restaurants where Angelenos—rather than celebrities—have been dining for generations.

Along with recipes made famous by each restaurant, L.A.’s Landmark Restaurants contains profiles of such legendary eateries as Philippe the Original, Pacific Dining Car, The Smoke House, Tail o’ the Pup and more.

“I loved the stories of how these classic restaurants got their start, and the recipes of some of my all-time favorite dishes I enjoyed both as a child and as an adult are included,” shares Nancy Silverton, chef, baker, author, and past winner of the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Chef Award. “The fabled L.A. debate—Who invented the French Dip, Philippe’s or Cole’s?—is retold here and is a legendary Los Angeles culinary tale.”

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