Going Green in the Desert

Canndescent’s 11,000-square-foot growing warehouse outside Palm Springs is a green revolution.

It’s hard to find anything but upside when talking about the budding marijuana industry and all the benefits of CBD, but one area where advocates don’t have much to stand on is how much pot farming is taxing local resources. It’s said that indoor cannabis greenhouses consume 1% of all the electricity in the U.S., and we all know how much water plants need, but one California company is taking the green revolution literally.

Canndescent, a California cultivator, has retrofitted their 11,000-square-foot growing space in Desert Hot Springs with a state-of-the-art clean energy system that massively cuts down the company’s annual carbon emissions by 365 tons…but it didn’t come cheap. Founder, CEO and Harvard Business School graduate Adrian Sedlin talks about the 8-week, $3.75MM renovation project here.