Grizzly Bear Says “Bye, Brooklyn,” and “Hello, Los Angeles”

After a needed break, the indie rock band is back with a new album, made in California.

After completing the tour for their 4th album, Shields, in 2014, Brooklyn-based indie rock band Grizzly Bear took an unexpected hibernation. According to the bands four members, Chris Bear, Ed Droste, Chris Taylor and Daniel Rossen, they simply needed a break. In that off time, some reconnected with family, others traveled, one wrote a cookbook, one got a divorce and another even campaigned for Bernie Sanders. During this year to “focus on life,” all the members, one way or another, migrated to Los Angeles.

In a story for California Sunday Magazine, they reveal how everything came together in the Golden State, including a new album.

“Eventually, in 2015, they started swapping song ideas again, and Painted Ruins, which comes out August 18 (on RCA, their first major-label release), is the result of a decidedly different, more relaxed writing process. The album feels limber, with lyrics that reflect their growth (‘Move too fast, here we are, can’t let go/Take the past, own your scars, let it show’).”

You can read more about the band’s recent California hiatus and their new album here.

Listen to tracks from Painted Ruins here.