Have You Visited These Hidden California Treasures?

Canyons, forests and falls … oh my!

The Golden State offers no shortage of natural wonders. From the deserts, to the mountains, to the beaches and lakes, California is pretty much wall-to-wall outdoor magic. But many of the coolest spots get overshadowed by their bigger and more popular counterparts. Luckily Thrillist compiled a list of “28 Beautiful Places in California You Never Knew Existed.” Here are a few highlights:

The Seven Teacups

“One of the coolest natural wonders of the Sierras, the Seven Teacups has been described as one of the world’s (WORLD’S!) most spectacular canyoneering challenges. And that’s the rub on this one—you need, like, ropes and stuff to climb it. But if you do (or find a friend who knows what the hell they’re doing and can carry you up or something) you’ll be rewarded on the way back down, which people have been known to take inflatable killer whales and alligators down (just, duh, make sure the water depth is OK before you kill yourself). This is a must-read if you’re gonna actually try this thing. And you should. Because holy shit look at this thing guys. LOOK AT IT.”

Painted Canyons

“Located about an hour southeast of Palm Springs, this is hands down one of the most unique California “hikes” you’ll ever go on, largely because it’s a LADDER hike (!) through a narrow and actually really refreshingly cold gorge formed years ago by the San Andreas Fault. The whole “Painted Canyons” name is thanks to the walls, which are washed with pinks, reds, grays, browns, and greens—especially when you first pull into the canyon. Bonus: A few years back, some wonderful person replaced the wood ladders with metal ones. (Thank God.)”

Glass Beach

Fort Bragg
“While years of dumping Fort Bragg garbage along the coastline in the ’50s and ’60s was mostly the worst thing ever, it wasn’t totally and entirely, thanks to Glass Beach—a beach filled almost entirely with sea glass. Just don’t take any of it with you—because of souvenir hunters and the waves (which are constantly grinding down the glass), it’s actually diminishing. Don’t be that guy.”

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