Hotboxin’ with a Champ

Mike Tyson is reinventing himself—and creating big business opportunities—with cannabis.

Dwiink is a series of CBD-enhanced beverages that feature 10mg of CBD per bottle. They come in pineapple orange, watermelon and mixed berry flavors, along with an “original” unflavored version. But the best part about Dwiink is the backstory, and when you discover that the beverage is one of the products sold by Ranch Company (co-founded by boxer Mike Tyson), you understand why.

Yes, the name is a play off Tyson’s famous lisp, but Tyson’s designs on the cannabis industry are anything but a joke. His Tyson Ranch is a 400-acre property near Palm Springs that Tyson plans to turn into a resort for cannabis enthusiasts, and his “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” podcast already has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. “Life is a continuous fight,” admits Tyson, who has said publicly how cannabis has improved his quality of life outside the ring.

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