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How to Make a Vermina Vermouth Cobbler

Most people are familiar with vermouth—the flavored, fortified wine infused with botanicals—as the co-star in their favorite drink. Fancy a martini? Reach for that dry vermouth. Looking to make a Manhattan or a Negroni? You’ll need a little sweet vermouth. But did you know people in Europe are perfectly content drinking cocktails where vermouth is the star of the show?

In the latest episode of Mixed Messages, resident mixologist Clare Ward reaches out for a bottle of Santa Barbara-made Vermina Vermouth to create a Vermouth Cobbler, enhanced with fruit jam and fresh citrus. Make sure to subscribe to the Emergent Media YouTube so you don’t miss any new episodes!

Vermina Vermouth Cobbler

  • 3 oz. Vermina vermouth
  • 1 tbsp. fruit jam
  • 2 orange slices
  • Crushed ice

Combine jam and orange slice in rocks glass and muddle. Add vermouth and crushed ice. Garnish with the second orange slice and serve!

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