In the Market for a Ghost Town?

All yours for just under a million.

The California housing market may be impossible, but you can buy an entire town for $925,000. Sure, it’s abandoned and near Death Valley, but this unusual piece of Golden State real estate is generating interest, with ideas ranging from amusement parks to marijuana.

According to CNN, “Cerro Gordo, which means ‘fat hill,’ sits south of the Sierra Nevada, on over 300 acres of land. The abandoned mining town had been in family hands for decades, but they felt it was the right time to sell it, said real estate agent Jake Rasmuson.”

The former town once functioned as a small mining community during the silver boom of 1865. “In its heyday, it averaged a murder a week,” Rasmuson said. “It’s really part of the Wild West.”

See more of Cerro Gordo and maybe make an offer here.

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