In the Time of Covid-19, California-Made Premixed Cocktails Become the New Summer Essentials

No bars, no problem.

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There was a time when the idea of batching craft cocktails struck fear into the hearts of bartenders and drinkers alike, but the continued upward trajectory of the boutique spirits world, the demand for more upscale drink options for the bourgeois music festival crowd, and now the ever-evolving COVID situation has created a fertile environment for canned and bottled drinks. As we all become full-time work-from-homers and part-time mixologists, shoppers are taking longer strolls down the booze aisles at their local grocery stores.

With a range of cocktails like the Apple Gimlet, a Citrus Margarita, and a “New” Fashioned mixed with whiskey, spicy ginger and orange zest, Two Chicks produces sparkling cocktails that weigh in at 5% ABV. Another California company, LiveWire Drinks, offers up more of a rock star vibe with its ready-to-drink fare, including the Heartbreaker, made with vodka, jasmine, grapefruit, ginger and kumquat.

For a list of other premixed cocktail options, all born and bred in California, click here.

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