Is the Silicon Valley Failing on Climate Change?

One writer’s rant on how big tech and innovation is failing the planet.

There’s no denying the positive effects of Uber and Lyft on DUI statistics. Yes, food delivery apps have made lunch possible again for overworked cubicle jockeys. Sure, face filters make it so much easier to pass the time when you’re hanging out with people and engaging in meaningless small talk. But when it comes to saving the planet, one writer invokes a famous line from Janet Jackson when describing Big Tech’s contributions to keeping us all above the sea line in 100 years: “What have you done for me lately?”

It’s a long game investing in environmental achievements that are going to pay dividends for our planet, which isn’t the way traditional VC funding is set up. We need to see that ROI sooner rather than later. So how do we get innovation? Real, meaningful change? Read UK writer Henry Mance’s op-ed here, and stay tuned in to his other articles via his Twitter.

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