Is There a Link Between Dropping Suicide Numbers and Marijuana Legalization? 

A new study finds suicide rates have
dropped significantly since the passing
of Proposition 215.

While suicide rates have increased 30% nationally over the past 15 years, a study by the Archives of Suicide Research, facilitated by scientists at UC Irvine, shows that the total number of suicides in Southern California since the passing of Proposition 215 (allowing the regulated use of medical cannabis) has declined year over year.

So how does the study explain the correlation? One scenario hypothesizes that if marijuana is substituted for alcohol in instances where a substance abuse might promote suicide, a person may be less likely to commit the act if they are indulging in the former. Another more obvious correlation is the ability to treat depression and anxiety with marijuana as opposed to traditional medications that can prove to be highly addictive. But there are other scenarios the study posits that may surprise you.

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