Jenny Lewis’ Latest Is an Ode to the Beautifully Broken

With On The Line, the indie rock darling reclaims her identity.

When a 12-year relationship comes to an end, reestablishing one’s identity can be a long and sometimes lonely process. When that relationship is deeply intertwined with one’s own creative process, a catharsis is oftentimes the only solution. For Jenny Lewis, frontwoman of indie rock group Rilo Kiley, that catharsis comes in the form of On The Line, an album that Rolling Stone describes as Lewis’ “best work to date.”

Raised in the San Fernando Valley—and with a filmography as long if not longer than her discography—Lewis has a Hollywood history that flows beneath the surface of her songwriting, but it was time away from LA that allowed On The Line to germinate. “The older I get, the more I embrace the fact that my life’s had a really strange arc,” says Lewis.

Backed by a band comprised of legends like Don Was (bass), Jim Keltner (drums) and Benmont Trench (keys), Lewis poured her heart and soul into 11 lush tracks that shimmer with pop panache, but ache with the unabashed vulnerability of a woman reemerging into her own space.

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