Jenny Lewis Takes You Down the Rabbit Hole

The Rilo Kiley front woman is the latest musical celebrity to introduce their own strain of marijuana.

We wrote about the artistic triumph that is Jenny Lewis’ latest album, On The Line, last month. Now she’s making headlines with a slightly greener initiative. Lewis has announced a partnership with California cannabis cultivator Glass House Farms to create her very own strain of weed. Named “The Rabbit Hole” (after the last track from On The Line), the strain is described by Glass House as “a light Sour Diesel sativa with 16.3% THC content,” and its seeds were reportedly first distributed at a Grateful Dead show in 1991.

Artist-backed marijuana products have been cropping up quite a bit these days, with Willie Nelson and Snoop Dog being two of the more high-profile celebs to get into the game. If you’d like to sample Lewis’ goods, The Rabbit Hole can be purchased at select Los Angeles dispensaries or from any of The Glass House’s retail partners. 

You can read more about Lewis’ latest offering here. 

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