Keef Brands Pivots to Cannabis-Infused Beverages With a New Partner

As inhalation devices take a media hit, Keef partners with CannaCraft to enter into the drinkable market.

With health officials currently blowing a hole in the vaping industry, cannabis brands are looking to diversify their product portfolios by expanding beyond inhalation devices. After a few years of producing cannabis-infused candies and chocolates, Colorado-based Keef Brands is bringing drinkables back to California with a line of cannabis-infused sodas.

CannaCraft, who has already dipped into the space via their Hi-Fi Hops partnership with Lagunitas, is helping them get on the shelves, and MedMen is already carrying the bottles in their stores. So why “pot pop” and not pre-rolls? The rising stigma around smoking and vaping coupled with the sociability of drinking in social settings is the key for Keef Brands co-founder and CEO Erik Knutson. Watch an interview with Knutson and read more about Keef’s product line here.

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